Inspiring, therapeutic environments in city farms and community gardens.

Registered Charity 1153883 / Company Number 8399741

Growing the community, together

In February 2017, Green Synergy was granted a lease for 2.5 acres of derelict land at the back of Lincoln County Hospital. Formerly used as allotments, the site was covered in thirty-years of brambles and fly-tipped waste. Together with the local community, the hospital, schools, businesses and voluntary groups, we are transforming it into a beautiful, edible, accessible space for everyone to enjoy.

We are nearing the end of our first phase of development which has focussed on landscaping the site and creating a number of different garden zones. The next phase will include developing the top part of the site, putting in more wheelchair accessible pathways, perimeter fences, composting toilets and an eco-building to house our offices and community facilities.

See our progress in pictures below: