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Growing the community, together

The Lincoln Food Partnership (LFP)is a network of public, private and voluntary sector organisations and members of the public who are working collaboratively together to improve the sustainability of food and the food system within Lincoln.  The LFP’s vision is for Lincoln to have a thriving, ethical local food culture, where everyone has access to fresh, healthy, affordable food that is produced and consumed in an ethical, sustainable way. In turn, our local action contributes to tackling the global issues of climate change and food security.

Throughout 2018-19, Green Synergy continued to work together with Professor Nigel Curry, (Chair of the Lincoln Food Partnership and author of the Lincoln Food Strategy) to support the growth and development of the LFP. We successfully sought funding to employ a coordinator- Rebecca Callow. Green Synergy hosted Rebecca’s post at our office on behalf of the partnership. Throughout the year we also worked with Nigel and Rebecca to: develop the governance and structure of the LFP Board, (which now has ten members from the public, private and voluntary sectors); create a food pledge for Lincoln; initiate an application to the Sustainable Food Cities Partnership and host an annual networking event.

Green Synergy’s role in developing the LFP Board has now come to an end. We are still a member of the Network and support the aims of the LFP through our growing activities. For further updates and information on the LFP visit