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11 Dec 2019

ECO Wrap Project

This project, supported by LPFT’s Mental Health Promotion Fund, was created to provide an additional and innovative support option for Green Synergy’s beneficiaries and the wider community.

WRAP is a structured personal recovery programme that is used to promote, enable and sustain mental health recovery.  As part of Eco WRAP participants can develop their own wellness toolbox with an emphasis on what can be discovered and worked with in nature.  The Wellness action plan enables people to experience new tools such as:

  • Meditation – including mindfulness
  • Stress management techniques
  • Managing thinking patterns
  • Using medicinal plants safely to support wellbeing

The project includes:

  • A Weekly drop-in on Thursdays– for people wanting to step into a safe space, have a ‘cuppa’ with a dose of listening and to find out about Wellness Recovery Action Planning and our other projects that support people experiencing a disturbance of mental health.
  • A train the trainer programme. During winter 2020 we will also be offering a Train the Trainer option for those who would like to support others using WRAP.


If you would like to take part in our Eco-WRAP project or know someone who does…

This project is open to anyone who would like to:

  • Create or build on personal resource to enable recovery and wellness,
  • Develop their own unique Wellness Recovery Action Plan,
  • Spend time in a supportive environment.
  • Be more mindful of nature and wellness.

For further information please contact Trudy >>> or use our get in touch form.


11 Dec 2019

Get into Gardening and Landscaping

Are you currently out of work and looking for an opportunity to gain skills and qualifications around gardening and landscaping? You may be interested in joining our Move or Steps Forward project.

The BBO MOVE and Step Forwards projects are funded by the European Social Fund and the Big Lottery Community Fund and draw on a network of 24 organisations to provide coverage across Lincolnshire. The projects help people to identify and address barriers to employment, which are often long-standing and complex. They also build personal skills and confidence. Each partner provides different opportunities according to the specialisms of their organisation.

Green Synergy’s MOVE participants join a structured programme of horticultural skills sessions on Hillside Community Garden three times a week. This covers a range of basic gardening techniques, soft and hard landscaping and the option of taking part in industry accredited strimmer and sprayer courses.  The group sessions provide a friendly, relaxed, supportive atmosphere. As well as the practical learning, participants are provided with 1-1 coaching (using the outcomes star tool) and wrap around support with moving into further training or employment.


Our STEPS programme provides a range of bespoke options for learners depending on their specific interests. This can include horticulture but, may also include other areas of experience that we can offer through our charity including community development, administration or working with children and young people, for example. During Autumn 2020 we will be running a four-week course for people wanting to become self-employed.

If you would like to join our MOVE or STEPS projects or know someone who does…

These programmers are completely free and are independent of the Job Centre. Participation is not mandatory, and people cannot be sanctioned if they choose not to take part. Participants just need to evidence they are unemployed or economically inactive. For more information on how to get involved contact Lizzie >>> or use out get in touch form.


11 Dec 2019

Tower Power – Kid’s Club

Our Tower Power project is run thanks to a grant from Children in Need. This started in September 2018 and will run until August 2021.  The Tower Power project evolved from local residents’ ideas to tackle issues on the estate including boredom and anti-social behaviour, loneliness and isolation and to generally bring people together to enhance neighbourly relations, community spirit and improve the local environment.  We previously had a grant from the People’s Health Trust with funds raised through the Health Lottery  to kick start a range of activities with the whole community. You can see a video of People’s Health Trust funded project here >>>

With the current funding from Children in Need, we run regular sessions that help support the children and young people in our community. Activities include a homework club on Monday 4-6pm which helps children get their homework done in a supportive and quiet environment; a Kids Club on Wednesday 4-6pm where we run a range of activities for children both inside and outside in the garden (weather permitting), and a Teenzone club on Thursdays 4-6pm for our older children.

Throughout the holidays we run fun and educational sessions such as Forest Schools, community art workshops, fun days, BBQ’s, picnics and trips

Video Clip Here >>>


“I love getting muddy at gardening kids club & playing the games at kids multisport”

“I am a 12 year old carer but at Green Synergy I’m just a normal 12 year old who loves to do gardening, playing games and having fun. Green Synergy was the only thing that made me happy and free to be normal”


If you would like to join the project or know someone who does

The Project is open to children and families who live on the Tower Estate. For more information on how to get involved contact Brodi or use our get in touch form.

11 Dec 2019

Better Together Project

Better Together Therapeutic Horticulture

Better together started in January 2019 as a three-year partnership project with two other local charities- Abbey Access and Development Plus. It is funded by the by The National Lottery Community Fund. The project offers pre-employability opportunities to build skills, confidence, and connections for people with mental health conditions. Throughout the project, participants are provided with continuous 1-1 mentoring support from Developmentplus. They are also able to gain cooking and catering skills with Abbey Access, whilst Green Synergy provides participants with therapeutic horticulture sessions two days per week. By using a person-centred approach, we work flexibly with our beneficiaries to meet the goals and needs they identify. This involves recognising and dealing with a wide range of complex issues and using a holistic approach that can enable people to move on and learn to manage their social, physical, and emotional wellbeing. For some of our group the routine and social interaction helps but for others it is the sense of place of the garden that has a positive effect.


Ultimately it is our hope that:

  • By using therapeutic gardening activities, we reduce people’s reliance on mental health services through providing an alternative to mainstream health
  • We use a person-centred approach focused around gardening which facilitates participants growth, resilience and learning.
  • We help improve our participants’ overall mental wellbeing by providing a calm protected space and a supportive environment where they can benefit from the healing properties of nature and the garden
  • By providing a sense of belonging and community support clients are encouraged to participate more fully in everyday life

If you would like to join the project or know someone who does

Please contact Trudy or use our get in touch form.

09 Jun 2016
Hillside Community Garden- help us turn this into a beautiful garden for the whole community

Hillside Community Garden

In February 2017, Green Synergy was granted a lease for 2.5 acres of derelict land at the back of Lincoln County Hospital. Formerly used as allotments, the site was covered in thirty-years of brambles and fly-tipped waste. Together with the local community, the hospital, schools, businesses and voluntary groups, we are transforming it into a beautiful, edible, accessible space for everyone to enjoy.

We are nearing the end of our first phase of development which has focussed on landscaping the site and creating a number of different garden zones. The next phase will include developing the top part of the site, putting in more wheelchair accessible pathways, perimeter fences, composting toilets and an eco-building to house our offices and community facilities.

See our progress in pictures below: